Over the last 10 years, I have worked one-on-one with 1000’s of men and women from Australia and overseas with ages ranging from 18 to 80. We have addressed issues as diverse as early childhood patterning, breakdowns of relationships, general life dissatisfaction, varying trauma that has been stored in the body and psyche and much more. Every concern is relevant to your emotional transformation, if it is effecting you, it flows through to impacting the bigger picture of your life. We can work together so that you can utilise the fire inside of you to feed your desires. Here’s a few words from some of the clients I have worked with.


“It was lovely to meet you yesterday via Skype – I found the session extremely useful, and I’m so relieved that you can make sense of what is going on – it has got a lot moving inside, both in my feelings and in my thoughts. Thank you also for such a marvellous summary of our discussion, the issues it highlighted, and the exercises for homework. I’m truly looking forward to this journey, it’s such a relief to be finally breaking down chains from the past, and at last growing and moving forwards.”

Richard, 43, UK

“I am still blown away from the sessions with you. To me it was a huge experience. I had so many moments of realization and understanding what is really going on. It has been wonderful, I am so glad that you came to Germany. The sessions with you have given me a feeling that true development and improvement is possible. And above all it has given me hope for my future. And for that I am truly very, very grateful. You are an amazing person.”

Gerald, 32, Munich

“Thank you so much for your compassionate guidance, for listening and honestly sharing what you see and hear, and for your non-judgemental presence. These are such gifts to me right now. I slept so well last night, and that is rare for me. My body really relaxed into a deep restorative sleep. I have a feeling our work together had something to do with that! Thank you for the summary to our session and for the links. I’m committed to a daily practice for my own awakening. I’m so happy we’re working together.”

Maria, 43, USA

“Just a quick note to say how amazing it felt for me to be completely real and honest. Thank you so much for creating the space to allow that to happen, and for allowing me to share so much of myself. I feel totally safe with you. I’ll continue to work on what we discussed; your advice and guidance has been hugely beneficial so far. Thank you again for the beautiful session yesterday.”

Chris, 36, Melbourne