Martina Hughes

Martina-13-1Martina has been on a path of transformation for the last fourteen years. In 2014, life called her even more deeply into the fire.

A number of external challenges – relationship breakdown, severe illness within the family, and other significant life challenges – all collided within a six month period and activated a deep level of personal crises. This crisis reactivated 40 years worth of trauma to be acknowledged and felt and integrated on an even deeper layer.

The journey back to herself after this has been Martina’s initiation by fire, being brought to a standstill by life, to feel everything, to notice all the subtleties inside that scream for attention, to bring loving compassion for self to even greater depth and to fully take responsibility for her own life.

This initiation, this experience of Sitting in the Fire, being left with no choice but to sit and feel deeply, is also her greatest gift and what she offers via the session work. She creates a space of no agenda, a space where you can feel yourself deeply from the inside out.

Martina brings many gifts from the last twelve years of working in transformation with thousands of men and women.