Fire Sessions

Candle - sacred space

What happens in a session?

First of all, we spend some time together exploring and establishing the concerns most present in your life, and what you feel most drawn to work with in the session.

I support you in this by listening with deep presence and a loving heart, in combination with asking questions that may either meet you in your journey or invite you to look deeper. My sense of where you are at has been very finely tuned through my own journey and working with thousands of men and women.

Following this, I will support you with a variety of different tools. Every session is different and emerges to meet the individual’s particular needs on the day. There are times when loving compassion and a space of feeling held is the number one priority; at other times it may be guide you to identify and own the underlying emotions or core beliefs; in other instances it may be about guiding you towards greater self-responsibility and self-awareness.

I know that to be truly useful to assist another’s journey I need to be be fully present to where the energy is on the day and this is both my clear intention and my passion. I tune into you and feel when to encourage you forward and when to hold you. The wisdom brings forth a depth of container that creates safety and deep insight in the process of inner journeying.

Sessions are always unique and specific to that moment. They may include:

  • learning how to be remain present in communication
  • being able to express from your feeling space
  • inner child release and healing
  • moving energy within the body
  • holding yourself through emotional experiences
  • bringing active self reflection to your experiences
  • integrating lessons back into your life
  • discovering heartfelt compassion and support for your journey

Availability and bookings

I offer sessions internationally via Skype and face to face in my home city of Melbourne, Australia.

Payment may be made by credit card or Paypal.

For more information and to make a booking please contact me – email is best to start with.